A clinician who knows how to get the message across to people and horses





Over forty years of presenting informative seminars




Rick Hemmett is an experienced clinician with the ability to communicate his horse sense in terms that everyone can understand. There is no hocus-pocus, new-age rhetoric...just open, honest dialogue geared to assist his audiences in improving their understanding of, and abilities with the horse.

He will gladly custom design a clinic which will cover any number of scenarios. From basic horsemanship, to pleasure riding and up through advanced specialized seminars, he delivers valuable lessons in an open, friendly manner.

With the welfare of both the horses and handlers being of paramount concern, his common-sense approach is both practical and safe. Utilizing his progressive system of establishing a solid foundation and then building upon it to achieve remarkable results, assures the clientele of excellent value for their clinic fees.

The participants enjoy a relaxing, educational environment which is conducive to learning proven techniques and then applying them while under Mr. Hemmett’s supervision.

Please book well in advance to assure you can schedule your desired dates and are able to take advantage of customized advertising materials to promote your clinic…


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